Purchase washroom taps online, directly from our website. From our touchless taps (for optimal workplace hygiene) such as the DVS Aquarius taps, to our healthcare specific taps such as the Horne Optitherm Thermostatic Medical. For more options – or if you are looking for something specific -please get in touch.

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Selected brassware items are available on the online store. If you are looking for something more specific, please contact us to see if we have it in stock.

Cubicle Systems also provides touchless taps and toilets, which are an effective way of improving infection control within washrooms.

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Automatic Brassware Features

In order to help reduce the spread of infections within the workplace, businesses can use automatic brassware and washroom features to minimise the amount of surface employees touch. Many diseases spread via contact with surfaces (especially within washrooms since there could be traces of deficit on the users hands), and so reducing surface contact decreases the likelihood of a disease spreading within the washroom.

Automatic bathroom features include taps, toilets, and hand dryers.