Springs Spa Hotel & Golf Club Changing Areas

Springs Spa Hotel & Golf Club

Gym changing room and washroom refurbishment, including; toilet and shower cubicles, benching, storage lockers and vanity unit.


Supply and installation of shower cubicles, toilet cubicles, Corian vanity unit, bespoke benching, and bespoke lockers.

What was done?

  • Premier One Shower Cubicles.
    • HPL Shower Wall Cladding.
    • Sports Sensor Shower Towers.
  • Premier Plus WC Cubicles.
    • Full IPS SGL – M1 BTW WC – DVS Sensor.
    • Full IPS SGL – M6 Urinal – DVS Sensor.
  • Corian Vanity Unit – Semi Recessed.
    • Complete DVS Sensor Tap Kits.
    • SGL Vanity Frame.
  • Bespoke Benching & Hanging Wardrobe with Shoe Rack.
  • Bespoke Lockers – Coin Return Locks.
  • Doc M Contour 21 WC Stainless Steel pack.
  • Supply & Installation.

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