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Only selected hardware items are currently available for purchase from the online store. If you are looking for something more specific please get in touch.

Not all hardware is currently available, but many popular items are (such as cubicle door locks). More washroom hardware will be added in the near future.

Whether you are looking for hardware to repair one of your toilet cubicles, or would like to update your door locks, we are able to provide a full range of hardware. If you do not see the item you’re looking for or would like advice for which hardware will work best for your washroom, please contact us directly.


Washroom toilet cubicle locks; helping keep your toilet cubicles secure. If you are looking to replace a cubicle lock following a washroom door undergoing considerable damage, please get in touch for replacement cubicle doors.

Can’t see the cubicle lock you’re looking for? Get in touch, as not all of our lock ranges are featured online.

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Washroom Specific Hardware

If you are looking for hardware for your specific washroom type, you can look through our washroom types via our Washroom Collection Range which features both washroom specifications and hardware options for each washroom.

For additional information, please get in touch.