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Pre-Plumbed Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) is a topic of serious concern for health professionals, hospital trusts and patients alike. Preventing the spread of infections such as MRSA and C.diff is high on everyone’s agenda leading to the publication of initiatives by the Department of Health. High on the list is hand hygiene, which has been identified as essential.

Cubicle Systems is an established leading manufacturer of washroom facilities and toilet cubicles, with products designed and supplied to major projects throughout the UK. The many years of experience gained in the manufacture of clean and hygienic solutions has now been focused on the subject of infection control in healthcare environments.

Pre-plumbed modules that deliver optimum hygiene, excellent infection control, simple installation, easy maintenance and a long service life.

The Need for Effective Infection Control

Preventing the spread of infection is of paramount concern for Primary Care Trusts, independent healthcare, care homes, hospices, GP practices and ambulance services alike. The Department of Health has identified a number of key risk elements, with arguably the primary one being hand hygiene.

Water borne bacteria are also a recognised source of HCAI and the main sources of water in patient care areas, such as sanitary appliances (taps, basins etc) are a potential breeding ground for these bacteria.

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Health Technical Memorandum 64: Sanitary Assemblies (HTM 64) provides design guidance on the choice and use of clinical and general sanitary facilities for all new healthcare build projects and the refurbishment of existing facilities. The issue for infection control is the implementation of hand wash facilities to ensure that healthcare professionals can easily and efficiently clean their hands before and after each care activity. Positioning such facilities is not always a simple task.

With this in mind, a range of pre-plumbed, duct mounted modules have been designed by Cubicle Systems Ltd. This range has been designed to comply with HTM 64 and Department of Health guidance for effective infection control.

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Pre-Plumbed Duct Mounted Solutions

Cubicle Systems’ Pre-Plumbed Duct Mounted Solutions for Healthcare are factory built modules complete with sanitaryware and brassware, integrated into a specially designed duct system that offers the advantages of a long service life, rapid installation and ease of maintenance.

Traditional methods of building duct panelling and concealed services can often be difficult, with the coordination of plumbing, joinery and fit-out trades sometimes problematic and time consuming. Frames and panels face the risk of damage as they are cut on site and then removed and refitted during the different stages of installation.

Cubicle Systems’ Pre-Plumbed Healthcare Solutions eliminate these potential problems, delivering an ingenious yet simple solution for accessible, concealed services.

Module Design

At the heart of each module is a self-supporting frame manufactured from strong 16 gauge galvanised steel. It is fully adjustable for height, plumb and level.

All modules are produced to specification, including project specific sanitaryware and brassware to meet requirements. Panels are manufactured as standard from impact resistant, sanitised antibacterial compact grade laminate for optimum hygiene, allowing appropriate cleaning chemicals and water to be used without affecting the life of the material.

Each module is then tested and identified. Vulnerable sanitaryware is removed and boxed for protection, ready for simply refitting during installation.

Install and Connect

The factory assembled modules, which now include the self-supporting frame, plumbing, sanitaryware, brassware, supply and soil connections and all fixings, are then delivered to site with instructions – ready to connect to pre-installed site water supplies and services.

Cubicle Systems provide site preparation drawings as part of the service, ensuring a smooth installation.

The result is a fully integrated solution for healthcare environments that not only complies with HTM 64, but is also rapid to install and commission, offering minimal disruption to clinical areas before, during and after installation.


The robust design of the module frames and panelling ensures a long service life. Maintenance is further simplified by an ingenious, yet simple design feature of the module access panels. A unique pivoting access panel allows fast and simple access to the duct for maintenance purposes.

To prevent unauthorised access, the panels have a key operated lock, which can be suite passed for convenience. Other panel locks available upon request.

Infection Control

  • Sanitised antibacterial compact grade laminate panels.
  • Abuse resistant and impervious to bacteria.
  • Can be water saturated without harm.
  • Cleaning chemicals do not affect surface.
  • close fitting panels to minimise edge surfaces.

In addition, vertical edges are part of a single laminate panel, rather than metal outer framework which does not have the benefit of a smooth continuous surface and therefore has the potential for bacteria to grow at the interface with panel surfaces.

Customer Service

  • Site surveys.
  • Full design service.
  • Site layout and preparation drawings.
  • Dedicated project management.
  • Full scale and after care service.

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