Washrooms designed specifically for the health industry. Created with your business in mind; hospitals, clinics, care homes, and more.

Your frontline against the spread of infection

With the health industry, it is fundamental for organisations to provide washrooms that deliver effective infection control. With our range of automatic taps, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and more; the chances of surfaces becoming contaminated is greatly reduced. This helps prevent patients passing diseases (such as e-coli and clostridium difficile) amongst one another, and the staff within the business.

We provide a variety of different washroom solutions for the health industry. From hospitals to care homes, our washrooms can provide your patients with the additional support they require to ensure they remain safe from infection and from physical incident with our mobility features.

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  • Infection control and sanitary features, such as contactless taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and more.
  • Mobility features available for patients, helping ease of access. Additionally, alarm systems can be put in place for patients to alert staff of an incident.
  • Anti-vandal and easy clean cubicles. Remove graffiti with strong detergents without damaging the cubicle.
  • Water durable options available, allowing for shower cubicles and other features that may cause humidity.
  • Disabled toilets and showers available.
  • Withstands high levels of abuse and heavy wear.

No touch toilets, and other infection control features

Unsurprisingly, washrooms are a prime place for the spread of infection, as it’s common for traces of deficit containing disease to spread onto washroom surfaces, which are then picked up by washroom users. Cubicle Systems offers effective ways of decreasing the amount of surface contact by washroom users, though.

Our touchless toilets and sinks greatly decrease the amount of surfaces washroom users are required to touch, greatly increasing infection control.

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