Hotel washrooms

Hotel washroom creation; gorgeous designs created with durability and longevity in mind.

Creating an attractive washroom solution for your visitors at a cost-effective price.

From the moment they walk into reception to their departure; your visitors should have a premium experience, and every element of their stay will contribute to their overall thoughts.

Cubicle Systems’ washroom range allow you to create a high-end toilet solution at an affordable price. Washrooms can be created with any bespoke functionality required, such as accessibility and automatic washroom features.

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We understand that durability is an important feature for your washroom. Over its lifespan, your washroom is likely to be used by countless visitors. Considering this, we are able to provide extra durable solutions, increasing the washroom’s longevity.

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From the lobby to the hotel rooms, we provide washroom solutions for across your hotel.

For high-traffic areas such as the hotel lobby or restaurant we offer a range of solutions including our stunning Stature washroom range or our Premier range which includes floor-to-ceiling cubicle options.

In the guests’ rooms we are able to deliver washroom solutions for smaller areas thanks to our combi units which offer a compact & cost effective solution. For the shower we are able to offer our Trinity glass cubicles, creating a stylish and contemporary look.