Washrooms For Businesses Within The Leisure Industry

Stylish commercial washrooms that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Bespoke designed washrooms for each company’s unique requirements.

Each business and sector within the leisure industry requires its own washroom solution. The requirements of a gym’s changing room, for instance, will differ from that of a cinema. Generally speaking, though, it will have to be prepared to withstand high amounts of traffic at one given time.

Cubicle Systems ensures that their clients are provided with a commercial washroom that can endure everyday wear and tear, in addition to providing any additional features that the business might require; such as shower cubicles or lockers.

Whether you are looking to impress your customers with a slick and professional looking washroom or are looking to stay within a strict budget, Cubicle Systems can deliver.

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A range of features for washrooms and changing rooms:

  • Professional designs available, creating a premium appearance for customers.
  • A range of features for washrooms, including; showers, changing cubicles, benches, mobility features, and lockers.
  • Anti-vandal options available, making it easy to remove graffiti.
  • A large range of products available, including budget friendly options.
  • Water durable washroom options, ensuring they can withstand the humidity of showers etc.

Washrooms and changing rooms are an important part of people’s experiences when within the leisure industry. Ensuring a hygienic and attractive washroom facility is available improves the likelihood of guests returning for a second visit, and greatly improves the overall value of the facilities, this is especially true of spas and gyms.

All of our leisure range is available with IPS paneling. There is a potential saving of up to 20% when using Cubicle Systems’ services in comparison to traditional IPS methods.