Toilet solutions for theatres and cinemas

Highly durable washroom solutions for entertainment venues.

Toilet solutions designed to withstand sudden high volumes of traffic.

Both theatre and cinema toilet’s face sudden surges of traffic regularly. Whether this is between acts of a play, or the end of a film viewing; customers often head to the toilets in sudden large volumes. Cubicle Systems’ are able to provide a bespoke toilet solution to cope with this sudden traffic.

IPS solutions available. When compared to traditional IPS methods, Cubicle Systems can offer up to a 20% saving, greatly reduced risks, and minimised installation times.

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We understand that durability is an important feature for your washroom. Over its lifespan, your washroom is likely to be used by countless visitors. Considering this, we are able to provide extra durable solutions, increasing the washroom’s longevity.

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