Furniture for Healthcare & COVID-19 Response Facilities

Whilst our production output is limited during the current pandemic, we are continuing to manufacture for clients. In particular, we are attempting to provide the best turnaround times possible for NHS projects & the temporary structures that are being built to help those affected by COVID-19.

Our furniture options include:

  • Washroom solutions
  • Changing/locker room areas.
  • Multi bed cubicles
  • Check-in booths
  • Healthcare duct kits
  • Clinical wash hand basins
  • Nurses stations & medical workstations
  • Sink modules
  • & more healthcare furniture

Cubicle Systems has a longstanding history of working on NHS and other healthcare refurbishment projects, delivering a range of purpose-made furniture for the healthcare industry.

We are able to help provide infection control functionalities and the requirements of the industry within our furniture.

In the washroom, we’re able to provide no-touch solutions that reduce surface contact. For workstations and general furniture, we’re able to implement solid surface materials to provide a nonporous layer that can withstand the harshest cleaning substances.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our healthcare solutions, please get in touch with our team who will be able to provide more information.

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Infection Control

Bournemouth Hospitals Project

Infection Control For The Workplace

For healthcare, we’ve always appreciated the importance of these features to help deliver protection against the spread of disease and harmful bacteria. Many of these infection control measures are also perfect for other workplaces and industries. By implementing these features, we’re able to prevent disease from spreading as quickly across the workplace, protecting employees and customers.

With our second brand, Nokk, Cubicle Systems expanded its product range to go beyond the washroom, with furniture option that includes; desks, storage, bespoke solutions, bedroom furniture, & more. This, combined with our ability to manufacture using solid surface materials, allows us to manufacture hygienic furniture for across the workplace; from reception to the toilets.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help your workplace or create for your future projects, please get in touch.

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