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As experienced washroom and changing room specialists, Cubicle Systems offer a wide-range of options for creating your ideal gym changing room. Whether you’re creating for a client or purchasing for yourself, we offer a variety of products to suit.

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Gym Changing Room Cubicles

Changing Room Design

The changing room is an important part of the overall gym experience. A bad changing room encounter can be off-putting for new visitors, and a stylish design can provide a positive lasting impression. Generally speaking, it’s one of the first and last rooms that gym goers walk through, so it’s often essential for setting your gym’s theme or mood.

As a manufacturer, Cubicle Systems offer a variety of colour and texture options for your cubicles (changing, shower and toilet) and other gym furniture. This selection of material options allows you to match your interior design vision throughout, rather than having to compromise by using colours and textures that don’t fit the interior design.

Additionally, if you don’t have your interior planned, our team of in-house designers can help. Whether you’re looking to create a luxury gym experience or a more budget solution; Cubicle Systems offer a changing room solution to suit.

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Bespoke Gym Changing Room Furniture

Of course, not only is the changing room important for appearances. Usually functioning as both the changing area and the gym’s washroom, it’s important to ensure the area is equipped to fulfil both roles. Cubicle Systems offer a selection of products for creating your changing room and washroom.

All of our furniture is created to provide durability for its use. Our changing cubicles, lockers, benches and shower cubicles are designed to withstand the humidity of these environments, ensuring the changing room is able to provide longevity.

In addition to standard furniture, we are also able to make bespoke furniture using a selection of material options and features. This includes using solid surface materials such as Corian and Tristone. A recent example of a bespoke furniture project includes lockers with built-in ventilation to reduce damp, helping improve the changing room hygiene.

Our changing room furniture products include; cubicles (changing, shower and toilet), lockers, benches, hair drying stations, washroom vanity units, bespoke made furniture, & more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our gym changing room solutions, please get in touch. Whether you’re an interior designer or contractor looking for a supplier, or a gym owner looking to give your gym a facelift; we’re happy to help.