Creating more hygienic washrooms solutions

Improving workplace hygiene is at the forefront of many businesses’s priorities during the current pandemic. Your washrooms are some of the key places to put precautions in place to improve hygiene throughout the workplace. Poor washroom hygiene ultimately can result in disease quickly spreading across the workplace through surface contact (such as people touching door handles etc).

Of course the best way to improve workplace hygiene is to tackle the source of the issues; which is why Cubicle Systems offer a wide-range of products to improve washroom hygiene, helping prevent the spread of disease within the workplace.

Using more hygienic materials for washroom furniture

When creating a washroom we are able to manufacture the cubicles using Polyrey’s HPL products which are treated with antibacterial treatment that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, reducing surface contamination.

HPL cubicles are available when ordering our Stature or Director washroom ranges.

Additionally, we’re able to provide solid surface (Corian & Tristone) vanity units, washroom troughs & basins. This delivers a nonporous layer adding additional protection against disease & is capable of withstanding the harshest cleaning substances.

anti-bacteria treated cubicles

automatic taps

Reducing surface contact within the washroom

In addition to the furniture we manufacture for the washroom, we are also able to add features that help reduce the amount of surface contact needed when using the facilities.

Sensor taps that activate automatically when your hand is underneath, automatic soap dispensers, and toilet flushes that don’t require surface contact; Cubicle Systems have a range of features that improve infection control and reduce surface contact.

We also have a range of powerful hand dryers from brands such as Dyson that dry your hands quickly and are designed to reduce airborne bacteria particles.