New on Nokk: Solid surface basins and vanity units

Nokk are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the brand’s product range & show off our manufacturing capabilities.

Because of this, we’ve added a couple of new product ranges to Nokk’s website that we think will help interior designers and architects have more creative freedom with their washroom and bathroom projects.

Washroom Corian trough

Corian Wash Basin and sink

With our solid surface vanity units and basins, clients are able to have a solution to suit their exact bathroom requirements, and designers can see their most ambitious bathroom designs come to life. Additionally, you can count on our basins and vanity units beauty to last thanks to the solid surface being highly durable & stain resistant.

It’s not just the appearance options of solid surface that makes it a no-brainer for high-end bathrooms and washrooms. Solid surface has excellent hygienic properties such as being nonporous and easy to clean.

To find out how the team at Nokk can help your project, please get in touch.