Industry leading commercial washroom solutions, with a reputation that spans nationwide.

Washroom & changing room design, supply, & fitting. Inspiring washrooms at a cost-effective price; created by the industry’s leading supplier & manufacturer.

Free site visits available to help you realise your interior vision.

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Complete washrooms; from manufacturing to final inspections after installation.

Cubicle Systems offer an all-in-one washroom service. We’re able to manufacture, design, supply, and install your washroom; minimising costs and reducing the installation time. Our time and money saving solutions has been shown to reduce costs with IPS toilet solutions by up to 20%.

Solutions available for toilets, showers, changing rooms, and more. Additionally, we’re able to provide industry specific washrooms, ensuring we can tackle any and all potential issues. This includes size adjusted toilets for primary schools, and water durable shower cubicles for changing rooms.

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1. Design & Quote

Cubicle Systems offer free site visits to survey your rooms & the washroom space, put together ideas for your washroom design, & better understand your required functionality.

2. Manufacture

Our specialist in-house team handle manufacturing washroom furniture (cubicles, vanities, & more) including using solid surface materials like Corian at our premises in New Milton.

3. Installation

Cubicle Systems’ trusted fitting partners provide a flawless installation, taking the time to ensure everything is fitted exactly as intended in the design, providing longevity throughout.

Toilet cubicles

We provide a wide range of toilet cubicles for businesses, all available with IPS panelling. From our more minimalistic and classy looking office cubicles, to the colourful and vibrant designs of our education range; we have a solution to suit every business.

Shower cubicles

Perfect for the leisure and education industry. Whether it’s for a school’s changing room or for a public gym, Cubicle Systems’ shower cubicles for washrooms are ideal. Built to withstand the constant humidity of these environments, ensuring they provide the longevity you require.

IPS (Integrated Plumbing System)

IPS panelling conceals the washroom pipework, helping create a streamlined finish for your washroom.

When compared to traditional IPS methods, Cubicle Systems offer a potential saving of up to 20% on the costs usually associated with IPS washrooms. The end result is a cost-effective and time-efficient washroom installation. Usually, IPS panels would have to be cut on-site, removed, and reinstalled throughout the installation. However, since we provide purpose-made washrooms, this risk and time is minimised.

Industry Specific Washrooms


Washrooms for the education industry; able to accommodate every age group. Whether it’s our vibrant designs for preschools, or the more mature appearance of senior school toilets.


Sleek and professional washrooms to suit every company. With a wide range of purpose-made washrooms available, Cubicle Systems has a washroom solution to suit every organization.


Specifically for the leisure industry, built to withstand the test of time. Commercial washrooms can also be installed with specific features; such as changing cubicles and showers.


Washrooms designed specifically for the health industry, such as care homes and hospitals, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements; such as for infection control.