Superloo Unisex Toilets

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An all-in-one toilet solution offering maximum privacy; perfect for unisex toilet areas. Made bespoke for your unique requirements.

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Superloos are perfect for restaurants, offices, & more.

As an all-in-one washroom solution, superloos are perfect for a variety of industries. Small company workplaces which do not need communal washroom areas will find a superloo ideal, as it provides a space-saving commercial washroom solution.

For industries such as hospitality, superloos offer a high-end washroom experience. The additional privacy and often increased cubicle space provides a better visitor experience. Additionally, as all-in-one areas, they’re unisex; making it a more inclusive washroom solution.

Cubicle Systems are able to fulfil every aspect of your washroom. From design, to manufacturing, and finally installation.

Superloos designed to perfectly match your interior design.

As Cubicle Systems are able to provide a bespoke superloo solution for your organisation, we can make a toilet area that perfectly integrates with your existing interior design.

From the panelling and doors, to sanitaryware, to basins & worktops; we have a variety of colour options for personalising your washroom area. As we manufacture in-house, too, we can create furniture and solutions that fits your room space.

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Optimal washroom hygiene & privacy.

The additional privacy that a superloo delivers is ideal for a range of reasons. Washroom visitors feel safer, the extra privacy provides a high-end aesthetic, they’re unisex and LGBTQ+ positive.

The additional privacy also has hygiene benefits. When cleaning a communal washroom, often that results in the whole area needing to be closed, whereas with a superloo you can clean each washroom area individually.

Additionally, if a superloo is suddenly contaminated, the washroom can easily be closed off for public use whilst being cleaned and users can use other washrooms without issue.