Toilet Cubicle Systems

The leading manufacturer of washroom solutions; creating purpose-made toilet cubicles to suit every business.

Capable of meeting every businesses’ requirements.

With a wide range of options available, including IPS panelling and full-height toilet cubicles, we are sure to have a solution to fit your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for cheaper washroom cubicles to stay within budget, or a particular functionality such as changing cubicles; we can help create your ideal washroom.

A variety of colour and texture options available for toilet cubicles, get in touch for a brochure.

Cubicle Systems even create whole toilet buildings, showing that no project is too big nor complex.

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Industry specific toilet cubicles

Additionally, we provide industry specific designs to ensure your washroom can cater to the demands of your business. Such as for infant schools, where the height of the vanity units and washroom cubicles must be adjusted to a child accessible size. Additionally, the school may choose to use a more vibrant and colourful design.

With over twenty five years experience within the industry, you can be confident that your system is being handled with the expertise required for it to last.

All-in-one service

Cubicle Systems provides businesses with an all-in-one toilet cubicles and washroom service. We manufacture, supply, and install our washroom cubicles. Not only does this reduce the costs of your washroom, but also the time in which the installation process takes.

With IPS (integrated plumbing systems) where the pipework is concealed, our all-in-one service results in a potential saving of up to 20% when compared with conventional plumbing techniques. Other benefits also exist, such as reduced damage risks due to our simple installation process.

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