Who are Cubicle Systems?

Cubicle Systems are the leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial washroom solutions. With over twenty five years experience within our industry and a reputation that spans nationwide, we can create washrooms to suit any company and industry; meeting each client’s unique requirements.

Unlike some of our competitors, we complete every stage of creating your washroom system. From the initial design, manufacture, to the installation; every aspect is completed by Cubicle Systems and to our industry leading standards.

IPS (Integrated Plumbing System)

Whilst Integrated Plumbing Systems are usually a time and money consuming process, Cubicle Systems offer a unique solution that is both time-effective and capable of saving up to 20% of costs when compared to traditional methods.

Additionally, the risks of damage that are usually associated with creating Integrated Plumbing Systems are greatly reduced. Cubicle Systems create purpose-made washrooms, minimising the amount of onsite changes to the cubicles, which results in the risks being diminished.

By providing an all-in-one service, we save both time and money. Usually, you would be required to use plumbers, joiners and fitting teams. However, our service provides all of your requirements, eliminating the need for any organisation other than our own.

A bespoke commercial washroom service; delivering our clients with washrooms that suit their exact requirements.

Industry Specific

We understand that each industry has its own specific requirements.

For instance, a washroom for a company within the leisure industry (such as a gym or sports centre) will need different features in comparison to a washroom for an ordinary office building. Not only in terms of actual accessories (such as shower and changing cubicles), but also functionality such as needing additional water durability.

This ensures that your washroom achieves exactly what you require of it.