Bespoke Mirror Cabinets for Washrooms

What’s the best way to utilise space within the washroom? Simple, combine multiple product functionalities in one place.

Typically in a commercial washroom, the sinks and hand drying units are in separate areas. In washrooms with high amounts of traffic, this often results in visitors washing their hands and then having to wait until a hand dryer is available (resulting in crowding).

Our mirror cabinets are able to help with this issue thanks to their multi-functional design. Within the mirror cabinet we’re able to include taps, soap dispensers and a hand drying station directly above the sink; conveniently providing all of the hand washing functions in one location.

Made-to-measure Washroom Mirror Cabinets

Commercial Washroom Mirror Cabinets

Additionally, as these mirror cabinets utilise sensor technologies, this also results in surface contact becoming reduced. Reducing surface contact results in improved hygiene, as surface contact is one of the key ways that disease spreads throughout workplaces & buildings.

All of our mirror cabinets are made-to-measure, ensuring they perfectly fulfil the usage requirements of the washroom.

With over 25 years manufacturing experience within the washroom industry, our team are highly experienced in creating high-quality washrooms and robust washroom furniture. If you’re interesting in finding out more about our mirror cabinet, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.