Commercial Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles and changing rooms.

Regardless if it is for a gym or a school’s PE changing room, Cubicle Systems offer a wide range of shower cubicles to choose from. We ensure that we provide exactly what our clients are looking for, delivering a purpose-made washroom to fit their requirements.

Not only does this include actual functionality and appearance, but also pricing. Due to our all-in-one service, both the installation time and the costs are greatly reduced.

We complete every stage of the washroom installation. From initial design to final inspection, no organisation other than our own is required. This prevents unexpected costs and minimises the waiting time between each individual service.

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Shower cubicles that are built to last.

Our shower cubicles are built with longevity in mind, designed to provide the water durability required for them to withstand a constant humid environment. This ensures that your washroom provides the long-term quality for your investment.

A variety of shower options are available, including communal shower areas and additional areas such as changing rooms or lockers.

Leisure Industry

We provide a large range of options for those within the leisure industry. Whether it’s for a football club’s changing rooms or for a gym’s, a variety of options are available. From classy full-height shower cubicles to more simplistic budget washroom designs, we are sure to help you find the product that best suites you.

Education Industry

Washrooms for schools, providing shower cubicles for all ages throughout education. Able to withstand the wear and tear of these environments, our education cubicles provide options for all school age groups.

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