Toilet Cubicle Partitions

Toilet cubicle partitioning systems with a wide-range of cubicle colours & texture options available for matching your washroom interior.

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Industry specific toilet cubicle partitioning.

Industry specific toilet cubicle partitioning designs to withstand the day-to-day requirements of your washroom.

Each industry has its own requirements. A small company office may be fine with a cheaper partitioning system as it doesn’t require much durability, whereas that same toilet cubicle system would be damaged within a week at a large secondary school – as they need a more robust solution for this amount of foot traffic. Similarly, cubicle partitioning at a gym or spa may need additional resistance to humidity if located near showers, otherwise it could swell or go mouldy.

All-in-one service

Cubicle Systems provides businesses with an all-in-one toilet cubicles and washroom service. We manufacture, supply, and install our washroom cubicles. Not only does this reduce the costs of your washroom, but also the time in which the installation process takes.

With IPS (integrated plumbing systems) where the pipework is concealed, our all-in-one service results in a potential saving of up to 20% when compared with conventional plumbing techniques. Other benefits also exist, such as reduced damage risks due to our simple installation process.

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